Author Connie Suttle

Author Connie Suttle:
Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Prologue: Demon Lost

"Jayd, we have to find Kifirin's tears."
"Glindarok, my love, what are you talking about?" Jaydevik Rath, King of the High Demons, looked up from a pile of reports sitting on his desk.  Glinda stood before him, beautiful as always, the river of white-blonde hair she'd inherited from her grandmother cascading about her shoulders. Carefully, Jayd covered the top report with a hand.
"Jayd, don't bother trying to hide it," Glinda's blue eyes flashed a warning. "How many did we lose to Baetrah this time?"
"Sixty-three, most from Greth," Jayd sighed. "I should know better than to hide anything from you."
"The High Demons are dying," Glinda muttered regretfully and dropped onto a chair beside Jayd's desk. "I hoped Jhase and Jheri might conceive as soon as they were mated, but that wasn't the case. The High Demon houses are losing hope, Jaydevik. They see no new females coming to them and that spells doom for all of Kifirin. That's why we must find the jewels my father called Kifirin's tears. My father always said that Kifirin hid them in the palace somewhere, and that we'd find them when our salvation was at hand. I felt sure we'd find them after Lissa fought off the Ra'Ak, but they never turned up. What if it's just a myth, Jayd? What if there's nothing to save us, now? Le-Ath Veronis is the balance for all the worlds instead of Kifirin. What if there's nothing that can bring us back?" Glinda wiped away tears as she stared at her husband.
"Come here, my love," Jayd pulled Glinda into his lap. "Kifirin made a promise to me when the balance was moved from the High Demons to the vampires. He told me he would do whatever was necessary to keep our race alive. We have to trust him, I think."
"I hope he does something soon, then," Glinda buried her head against Jayd's shoulder. "We've lost so many already."


  1. Based on the teaser this book should be great!!

  2. So, are we talking about Glinda's children when we say Jhase and Jheri? I guess their names changed when then were consorted from Jase and Jehrie? If so, looks like Ry's only chance is if the husbands die or a multiple marriage deal. Hmmmm! So High daemons are throwing themselves into Kirifin's volcano to end their immortal lives (Baetrah). Reminds me a little of the Carpathian series, but it still a valid premise for what might happen with immortals with no new life on the way. Kirifin's tears is going to be the interesting difference: what it is and how it might work to allow new female high deamons or babies. I am eagerly awaiting the book mid October! Actually, I am hoping it comes out sooner! Thanks for another great book on the way!

    1. Thanks! I used an older manuscript to copy the prologue, the names of the two High Demon Princesses had already been changed in the updated version :) Ry will be taken care of eventually. He's one of my favorites.

  3. Thanks c.s. for the teaser. Was kind of hoping the new male lead would be tory. But as there is 11 more days and counting a girl can still

    1. No worries, Tory is certainly in the mix :)

  4. I need more hours in the day ... must read more ... feed the Connie addiction ... lol. Cheers, thanks for the teaser