Author Connie Suttle

Author Connie Suttle:
Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Blood Rebellion Release

In record time (3 hours) Blood Rebellion is available on Amazon. I haven't checked B&N yet, but the book was submitted to both at the same time. Happy reading, everyone!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Blood Rebellion Teaser

I stared at my grandmother for a second or two before I let her have it. "He didn't have anything to do with this," I spat. "You did well enough, bringing this on yourselves."
"And who are you?" She dismissed me with a contemptuous blink of her beautiful, gold eyes. Kyler and Cleo had those eyes. It might explain the gold flecks in Griffin's eyes, too.
"The one who put you here," I answered her question, reining in my temper. One more step and she'd be within range of my claws. That wouldn't do—I had a feeling my father wanted something from her. I hoped it wasn't love or affection—she was incapable of either. She called me an extremely unkind name in the Elemaiyan language. I didn't care. "You will answer all of Daddy's questions honestly, from this point forward," I laid compulsion, and put power in it. I'd probably shocked the hell out of Griffin by calling him Daddy, but we needed to close ranks against this one. She blinked at me a time or two as my compulsion settled over her brain.
"You're his daughter." She said it flatly.
"Obviously. Daddy, she's all yours." I stepped back and motioned Griffin forward. Garde was at my back, suddenly, his hands on my shoulders while Griffin asked his mother questions.
"Who is my father?" That was his first question, and I wanted to weep. I'd only waited forty-eight years to find out who my father was. Griffin was over a hundred thousand, and he still didn't know.

Friday, February 3, 2012


If you're reluctant to read Bumble (it's not just for younger readers), well, there are answers to some questions from the Blood Destiny series in these books. (a rather important one (or two) will be answered in the 4th book (Vendetta) And if you stick with Ashe Evans until the 5th book, you'll find out what caused the rift between Bright and Dark Elemaiya. And more characters from Lissa's world will appear in future books (Director Jennings, Tony and Gavin). Just sayin'. :)