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Monday, October 29, 2012

Name the Lissaverse!

I just ordered a kindle Paperwhite. The reason? Amazon says that due to the popularity of that item, it wouldn't ship for 5-7 weeks. WOW. The thing is, I didn't order it for myself. Sure, I'd love to have one. May even buy one for myself soon. But this one (let's hope it comes when Amazon says it will) is for one of my fans.
Yep, the first ever, Connie Suttle sponsored giveaway has arrived.

What does this giveaway involve, you ask?

Good question. Not long ago, somebody asked me what the Universe was called where all my characters live. I admit I was stumped, because it doesn't have a name. YET. It is your job, now, to give it a name. Right now, I'm calling it the Lissaverse, for lack of a better title. Suggestions will be accepted for the name between now and November 15th, ending at midnight, Central Daylight Time (where I live). Fans will then have the opportunity to vote on their favorite submissions (three votes per person). Deadline for voting is December 1st, 2012. The top 10 submissions (by vote) will be reviewed by me and my editor, Joe. We will determine the Grand Suggester from the top 10 suggestions. Please note that all the top 10 suggestions will receive a gift for their efforts.
Here are the rules:
1.     Up to 3 suggestions will be accepted per person.
2.     The suggestion(s) must be emailed to me at
3.     If the same suggestion is made by more than one person, the one who submitted the suggestion first (as indicated by time/date on email) will be the one accepted. If your suggestion is voided by a previous submission, you may submit another suggestion, as long as it does not exceed the 3 per person rule.
4.     Deadlines will be enforced.
5.     Votes will only be accepted by email (, from list of suggestions posted on my blog after the submission deadline.
6.     Top ten choices will receive:
6-10 (as determined by number of votes) will receive a signed copy of Blood Wager or Bumble, your choice.
2-5 (as determined by number of votes) will receive a signed copy of Blood Wager or Bumble (your choice) and a signed poster print of the cover of your choice (has to be one of my books. Can't get you a copy of somebody else's cover. Sorry).
The Grand Suggester (as determined by me and my editor) will receive naming rights to the Lissaverse, plus a kindle Paperwhite, plus a signed poster of the cover of their choice and a signed copy of both Blood Wager and Bumble.

So, here's your chance to name the Lissaverse. Get those suggestions in, and I'll do my best to regularly list the suggestions made here on the blog, so you'll know what's already been submitted. Be creative. Have fun. Good Luck!

Please note: by submitting a suggestion, you agree to release rights to the name selected should it be chosen, and no further compensation will be made, now or in the future.

This is my first giveaway. If all goes well and everybody plays fair, there may be others in the future.



  1. What fun! I have no talent for this kind of naming thing, but I look forward to seeing all the suggestions!

  2. OMG! Love this better get started thinking!
    <3 Kendell

  3. i would of loved to do something like this but im crap at stuff like this. but look forward to see wat people come up with. good luck evryone.

  4. Off to a new world to name!!! Looking forward to the fun.

  5. You never know what you can do until you try ... it costs nothing to enter but an email, who knows you may surprise yourselves =). I know I am going to try.

    Hmm ... I am starting to sound like a cheerleader ... /sticks hands in pockets and walks away grumbling to self.

  6. And so on this chilly, dark, November night in the fading hours of the fifteenth or wee hours of the sixteenth, the opening chapter of the first Connie Suttle giveaway comes to a close.

    Good luck to all whom entered, don't forget to vote :-).