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Author Connie Suttle:
Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blood Revolution Spoiler

If you haven't read Blood Revolution yet, you may want to hold off reading this post until you do. I considered including this in the book and then didn't, as I wanted this information to be revealed at a later time.

As indicated, this is written from Hank's POV. I may write more from his perspective--we'll see :)

Hank's Journal

I'd already pulled information from Breanne's mind with the kiss, and so much of it shocked me, made me feel protective and amazed me, too.
Yes, I'd thought she was only the Vhanaraszh. How wrong I'd been. All of it was there to see. I held the Mighty Heart in my hands. She loved me. That simple fact settled into my mind and tightened my chest.
What I was demanded that I claim her. Make her mine. To hell with that. To hell with High Demon etiquette, protocol and tradition. There was no way I'd do that to Breanne. I was about to change High Demon tradition with a sweep of power, and it was to protect my Love.
"I won't hurt you," I whispered to Breanne. She'd fainted from the kiss, when I began pulling information from her. Now, I placed a healing sleep—for the second time that day.
Then, changing to my smaller Thifilathi, I gently turned her body over and sank my canines into her neck, surrounding her spine as carefully as I could. I never wanted her to feel this pain. To know that from me.
Slowly—so slowly—I removed my teeth and sealed the wounds with a kiss before healing them. From this point forward, I would decree that any claiming of a mate by a High Demon would be initiated by a kiss, which would place his mate in an anesthetized sleep. Then, he would carefully sink his teeth into her neck, and heal the wounds after with his saliva and another kiss. It was right, proper and should have been done in the beginning.
Kifirin might be incensed at the change, but if he wished to fight me, I would accept the challenge happily.

"I love you, too," I whispered after turning Breanne over again to face me. Leaning in, I placed kisses on both eyelids. "So much," I added.