Author Connie Suttle

Author Connie Suttle:
Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Hierarchy of the Gods

As requested:

The One
The Three
Nameless Ones
Powers That Be

When the Dark Realm was decreed in order to shape the balance of the created worlds, a request was sent out to the Hierarchy, asking for one from the higher levels to volunteer in the creation of the Dark Realm. That one would afterward be named Lord of the Dark Realm and he would hold sway over all he'd created—worlds and creatures alike. None came forward. Another call came, and still none answered. Finally, Kifirin, high among the Nameless Ones but still a lesser god, offered. His offer was discounted at first, as he held insufficient power. The call went out a third time, and still none were willing.
"I grant this power to you," Kifirin's parent, one of the Al'Riyu who loved his child dearly, agreed to lend much of what he held to Kifirin. "This power will return to me, once the Dark Realm is complete. What you hold will be sufficient past that."
Kifirin bowed and accepted his parent's offer. The Dark Realm was created, according to Kifirin's designs and expectations. Then, because he had no prior experience at creating the races and held little knowledge of how sentient creatures might grow and develop away from his care, Kifirin made a promise never to interfere with the Dark worlds or their decisions. Thus were sown the seeds of the Dark Realm's destruction.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Demon's Dream Teaser

Here's something to keep you busy while waiting for the book.
Happy Weekend, everybody!

"Where are we?" Edward hissed as I led him toward Lissa's kitchen. I didn't even know who worked in it any more.
"You're in the palace in Lissia," I said. "On Le-Ath Veronis."
"The vampire planet?" Edward stopped dead still.
"What are you worried about?" I asked, stopping with him.
"They uh, wanted to turn somebody I know, once upon a time," he muttered. "Someone of my race."
"I think they're past that," I said, throwing out a hand in a dismissive gesture. "Come on, Lissa will pound somebody's head if they look at you wrong."

"You're sure? And her name is Lissa?"
"I am, and yes, her name is Lissa." I gave him an encouraging smile. "Besides, this is keeping me away from a counseling session with the good Doctor Halivar." I couldn't help but feel gleeful over that. "Are you hungry?" I dragged Edward with me until we reached the kitchen.
"This is wonderful," Edward sighed after eating nearly all the crepe I'd served him.
"I have a Master Cook's license," I reminded him.
"You said that. Now I believe it," he said. I heard footsteps and voices approaching and was prepared to make more crepes when several things happened. Lissa drew in a breath when she saw Edward. Flavio, Head of the Vampire Council, stared in shock and Edward blinked at the third member of their party before whispering, "Winkler?"