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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Reasons, Rumors and Writing Four Books (or more) At Once

I know you're wondering why our female heroines are experiencing so much trouble with their love lives. I've been lambasted (roasted and/or barbecued) over it in several reviews of Demon's King. But--what if, you ask yourself, there is a reason for all this?
Well, is there?
Since I'm the one writing the books, I can say yes to that question without hesitation. Here is a quote from Blood Love, the tentative title in the fourth book of the God Wars series. This is Lissa and Gavin talking. I started to give a larger quote, but it contained a name and other information I'm not quite ready to give, yet. Here it is:

"Gavin, what do you think would hold the universes together, if Love didn't exist?"
Gavin's eyes popped open and he stared at me. "Lissa, that is the most frightening thing I've heard in a very long time."

So, ask yourself, who might gain if Love is destroyed—especially for some of the major players? What better way to turn them away from their destiny than to damage/remove that vital commodity? Things are heating up in the God Wars realm, and the BIG players have to come together. As far as Reah's personal troubles, I'm hoping that Demon's Quest will help somewhat, but as there are six books in the High Demon series, obviously the problems haven't gone away completely.
Now, on to rumors. Yes, there has been conjecture that Reah or Lissa is the Mighty Heart. After all, nobody has gotten a good look at her. At least you know it's a her, now <grin>. Well, I'm sorry to burst any bubbles, but the Mighty Heart is neither Lissa nor Reah. And still, Wisdom is lurking out there, somewhere <bigger grin>.
And, since I just gave you a quote from Blood Love, the fourth book in the God Wars series, then you've probably figured out that I have something written on all four books (I do). Blood Double is half finished. Blood Trouble has the least written on it (around 8,000 words) Blood Resolution is close to half finished, as is Blood Love. Yeah, my mind works in truly strange (if not mysterious) ways.
Anyway, I hope this helps a little. Happy New Year, everybody, and may its light shine on all of us.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Year's Resolutions

Check out my post on New Year's Resolutions on Rabid Reads! Many thanks to Carmel, who runs an awesome site!

Friday, December 14, 2012

Destroyer and Demon's King Available Now

Destroyer AND Demon's King are both available on Amazon. If all goes well, we'll see the nook copies soon, too!

Happy reading everybody, and hugs to all of you--I think we all need a big hug today.

All my best--

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Votes Are In!

First, I want to thank everyone who made suggestions, and everyone who voted. You are all awesome!
Here are your choices, as determined by your voting, in Alpha order:
Suggesters 6-10:
(receives a signed print copy of Blood Wager or Bumble, your choice)

Deos Regnorum, submitted by Seth B.
Nox Mundus, submitted by Christine H.
Precaria, submitted by Zeina N.
Queen's Destiny, submitted by Jessica B.
Zarathustra, submitted by Christina H.

Suggesters 2-5:
(receives a signed print copy of either Blood Wager or Bumble, your choice, and a signed poster print of the book cover of your choice)
Aequilibrium, suggested by Felicia L.
Don-Averse, submitted by Mona B.
Einnoc, submitted by Beth D.
Subtle Demon Universe, submitted by Anne H.

Grand Suggester:
(receives naming rights to the Lissaverse, plus a Kindle Paperwhite, plus a signed poster of the cover of their choice and a signed copy of both Blood Wager and Bumble)
By a majority of votes submitted, the Grand Suggester is (insert drum roll, here)

La'Re'Qitzi, submitted by Larry O.!

Congratulations to all the suggesters listed above. If you haven't received an email from me already, feel free to contact me at Remember to get back with me soon, and give me your book and/or poster choices plus your mailing address. I hope to get everything mailed out quickly (please allow time for the printing of selected posters, if you're receiving one of those), and I will do my best to let you know when everything has been shipped so you can look for it and let me know if it doesn't arrive (I'll be tracking all packages).
Thanks again, everyone, and if you are inclined to do so, celebrate the holiday season with joy, hope and love.
All my best—