Author Connie Suttle

Author Connie Suttle:
Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Blood Redemption Teaser

"Now," he said after he'd gotten comfortable, "tell me a story."

"What?" I pulled away to stare at him.

"Please. The sound of your voice will help me sleep. It doesn't matter what it is," he added, pulling me against him again.

"Fine," I grumped. "Have you ever heard The Legend of the Three?"

"Never heard of it," he mumbled, closing his eyes.

"Only a few of my kind know it," I said with a sigh. "It goes like this: In the beginning, the One created the Three. Those three were Wisdom, Strength and Love. The three had many others beneath them eventually, at many levels of power and ability. The Powers That Be and the Nameless Ones are at the lowest levels beneath the Three." 

"One day," I continued, "the One and the Three discovered a blight had infected their ranks. Some of those in many levels had banded together and turned against them, seeking to destroy what had been created. The Three were given the task of pursuing those destroyers and either finding a way to turn them back to the Light or devising a way to destroy them. Not an easy thing to do, since the ones they hunted were not only immortal and powerful, but were recruiting allies among the created races. The Three began to choose their armies carefully—part of their duty is to seek out and right many wrongs in their pursuit of the invasive evil. Among those who recognize them, the Three are called The Mighty. They are most commonly known as The Mighty Hand, The Mighty Heart and The Mighty Mind."

"So what happened?" he blinked sleepily at me.

"The battle is still going on," I shrugged.

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