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Author Connie Suttle:
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Thursday, January 9, 2014


As of January 15, 2014, I'll be enrolling my books in KDP Select. That means they'll only be for sale through Amazon—at least for the next three months. There are definite benefits to being enrolled in the program, so I thought I'd give it a try.

What this means is that the books currently for sale will only be sold from Amazon's website, and the sales on the current titles will be shut down on my website and

If you own a Nook or another type of reader, don't despair.

For each new release, there will be a two-week window when the new title will be available from and my website, so you'll still be able to get it.

After that, I'll pull it off sale and offer it exclusively through Amazon.

Yes, this is an experiment, but one I've thought long and hard about. Here are the results of my ponderings:
      Whenever I've had a problem uploading a book, etc., and I've contacted Amazon and about the problem:
# of times I've been answered by Amazon—every time
# of times I've gotten a response from—zero

2.       Number of times I've been promoted by Amazon: many
Number of times I've been promoted by zero

3.       Number of times I've actually been called by Amazon (I didn't call them, they called me) 
       several, asking me what I thought about the program, etc.
Number of times has initiated any kind of contact—zero

There are other things, such as the fact that only accounts for roughly 4% of my sales, but as far an actual interest in me as an author, pretty much has zero interest.

If things don't work out for me in KDP Select, then I'll back out of the program after the 90-day time period is up, but as of now, I don't anticipate that it will happen. No, I don't want to punish anyone for owning anything except a kindle, or for not reading on the kindle app. (See statement above—you'll have an opportunity to get the book before sales are shut down on other sites).

Too, this doesn't affect print sales at all, only digital sales. You can buy as many of my print books from as many outlets that offer them as you care to own, including my website, where you'll actually get a signed book quite promptly, because Joe has OCD about those things.

I hope this works out to everyone's benefit, as I don't want any of us to be disappointed.

One other set of changes:

There are new covers for Blood Wager, Blood Passage and Blood Sense, which will be available very soon on Amazon. I hope you like them!

All my best—


  1. Good luck Connie!!! I hope this work out for you. I look forward to seeing the new covers … hmm … now I'll have to buy another copy of Blood Wager in Paperback =)

    1. Thanks, Larry. I don't have the print cover changed, yet, just the digital stuff is in the works, but the print is coming. I think I can ship a new one to you when that happens, no worries :)

  2. Please let us know how the experiment goes. I know there are lots of discussions on this with Indie authors.

    Are you going to use your free promotion days for the first book of the series?

    1. I'll do my best to keep everyone updated. I haven't decided on free days yet for any of my books, but Blood Wager and Bumble are both under consideration.