Author Connie Suttle

Author Connie Suttle:
Urban Fantasy/ Young Adult

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Here it is; the excerpt with Winkler, as promised!

"Grand Master, Radomir showed me photographs of the site," Winkler spoke quietly on his cell while driving around Cloud Chief's perimeter in the darkness. The van bumped over uneven, grass-covered prairie as Winkler followed the fence line, searching for breaches in the barbed wire enclosure. After he'd seen the footprint Radomir photographed, Winkler's suspicions and his hackles had risen. He'd seen something similar twenty years earlier.

"You think they're back?" Weldon Harper, Grand Master of the werewolves asked.

"I think it's possible. I've talked with our friend in Washington, but he's too concerned with all those child disappearances across the country to look into this."

"All my trackers are out," Weldon Harper sighed. "Or I'd send a few to look. You may have to handle this yourself."

"I'm working on this, Grand Master. If these killed James Johnson, then someone from this community led them past the witch's shields. We'll have to find the collaborator as well. I'll keep you posted as things develop." Winkler shut off his phone and concentrated on driving across the Oklahoma prairie.

Yes, Radomir is investigating for the vampires, Winkler is investigating for the werewolves, to hold prejudices at bay and keep the paranormal community of Cloud Chief together. Twelve-year-old Ashe Evans and his best friend, Salidar DeLuca, are right in the middle of it. Bumble is coming along, and I'll post a copy of the cover design as soon as it's ready. Hope your day is a happy one!


  1. Nice! I'm looking forward to the release. Can't wait to see the cover Renee comes up with!

  2. Sweet, a new book. Oh happy belated new year Connie.

  3. Thanks, Dare! happy belated new year to you, too!

  4. Connie - I REALLY don't want to miss your books, any of them, and I wondered if you had an email sign-up or anything else that let us know when the next one would be available? I check Amazon pretty regularly for my favorite authors to see when the next one is available for pre-release or coming out with another one, but yours I don't find until they actually come out, and if I've forgotten to check in a few days, I might (GASP!) miss its debut!

  5. Hi, Mary!
    I'd be happy to send out an email notice. Just drop me an email at so I can get your email address :) I'm hoping to have Bumble ready by February 1st, but will make a final decision soon. Then Blood Rebellion will arrive in March, either the 1st or 15th, depending on how editing goes. Thanks for posting!