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Author Connie Suttle:
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Monday, January 30, 2012

Bumble Now Available

Bumble is now available on Amazon, and if it isn't yet on, it should be soon as I uploaded to both sites at the same time. You may have to type in the title and my name to get it to come up, but it's there :) Happy reading!


  1. If you're a fan of author Connie Suttle's Blood Destiny series, you're in for a delightful treat. She has just released Bumble, the first book in a new series of young adult fantasy fiction called The Legend of the Ir'Indicti.

    Bumble is set in rural western Oklahoma, in the experimental paranormal community of Cloud Chief, populated by werewolves, vampires, and shapeshifters. Ashe Evans, the 12-year-old-going-on-40 central character is facing all of the usual hardships of any soon-to-be teenager, complicated by the fact that he is unable to successfully shift into an animal form. Failing Transformational Arts, Ashe may be banished from the school the following year if he is unable to turn. The harder he tries to shift, the more impossible it becomes, and he is weighed down by the embarrassment and humiliation of being the only student at Cloud Chief Combined to fail.

    Current events soon pull his attention away from his own struggles, however, as Ashe is immersed in a blooming cloud of intrigue that includes kidnapping, betrayal, and murder. Aided by his best friend, Salidar, and encouraged and supported by a close-knit group of schoolmates, Ashe is not only the key to solving the mysterious events, but the ultimate focus of their efforts, but for what reason he has no clue.

    As often happens when your attention and efforts to accomplish something have failed, as soon as you stop trying so hard to make it happen, it seems to happen on its own. Such is the case with Ashe. Once he stops trying to shapeshift and begins his investigation into the deathly events that have overtaken his family, friends, and town, his innate abilities begin to manifest themselves in ways that astound and thrill him. Being the mature young man he is, he engages those abilities immediately to help him try to solve the mysteries that have caused so much pain and suffering in his small community.

    Ashe and company are a joy to meet! Their differences only serve to cement their love for each other as they band together to defend their family, friends and town from an encroaching evil they're only just beginning to understand. The personalities have depth and character, and the characters have personality! The story is exciting and maintains a gradually accelerating pace right to the end, at which point you'll be wishing you had the next book in the series, Shadow, in hand already! (Don't worry; you won't have to wait long for it!) If you've gotten this far into my review then you must already be a fan of Connie Suttle's writing, just as I am. You'll be thoroughly entertained by the characters, story, dry humor, and writing style to which you've become accustomed with Connie's books.

    Also, fans of the Blood Destiny series take heart; some of your favorite characters from that series make an appearance in Bumble as well!

    Although designated as young adult literature, Bumble is also a wonderful book for readers of a more mature age. (No, I'm not telling you how old I am to prove the point, LOL.) Just trust me, if you love the characters in the Blood Destiny series (Lissa, particularly) you're going to love Ashe and his merry band as well, if not more so.

    I look forward to reading your reviews of the book!

  2. WOW! WOW! WOW!

    I am LOVING Bumble so much that I am stopping to tell you before I'm done.

    You're amazing with characters. My current favorite quote: [Eternally grounded] takes on a whole new meaning when your dad is a vampire.

    I died laughing.

    Keep it up!

  3. Thanks, Elizabeth! You made my day :D

  4. Finished it. Good thing Ashe is male, so that Lissa can stay my fav female and he has become my fav male. :)

    I've complemented your characters, but as I reflect I'm also very impressed with the consistency within the worlds you've created for us. I adore how it's all interwoven and that what I learned in the Blood Destiny series, helped me understand Ashe better.

    I'm so glad that you're staggering out the releases of the Legends and Blood series. I don't think I could pick one over the other!

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth :)
    Staggering the books was more than just a choice--certain things needed to happen and a few characters had to be introduced before I could proceed with the last three Blood Destiny books and before the first of the High Demon series was published. I can't tell you how happy I am that you enjoyed Bumble. I'm looking forward to releasing Shadow in April.

    Hope your day is a happy one--

  6. Bumble was a joy to read. And no, I am most definitely NOT a young adult. I loved Ashe and can't wait to read about more of his life. Thanks, Connie.

  7. Thanks, Mary! You just put a big smile on my face :D
    Happy Wednesday!

  8. Just finished the book. It's a fun read, and I am looking forward to seeing you develop the characters. It will be most interesting to see how the Council deals with Ashe.

  9. Hi, Alfred :)
    Yes, conflict will definitely come between those two elements. Thanks for posting--it's great hearing from you!

  10. I just discovered your 1st 6 books in December and inhaled them. So, I was thrilled when you updated your website and indicated all the other books that will be coming out both in the Blood Destiny series as well as two other series.

    Even though I wasn't sure if I would like it, I downloaded Bumble based solely on how much I've enjoyed the Blood Destiny series to date. I am very glad that I did. Your characters are so well-defined, and I really get a wonderful sense of community and family in the midst of this paranormal mystery. I also enjoyed meeting some of the characters from the Blood Destiny series in Ir'Indicti Series.

    Lastly, I also read a small excerpt on how you started writing, and I found your personal story inspiring.

    Very much looking forward to your next installment. I've already placed reminders in my calendar to prompt me for your next several book releases.

  11. Thanks, Riley!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed the books--that's awesome :)I'll post here and on the website and Facebook as soon as the date for Blood Rebellion's release is set in March.
    Have a wonderful weekend!