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Author Connie Suttle:
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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Demon's Revenge blurb

Here's a blurb from Demon's Revenge. If all goes well, it should be available on February 12th:

"I guess this isn't a good time." Lendill folded into the kitchen.

"Here. It has bourbon in it." I pushed my cup of tea toward him and rose from my seat to make another.

"Land and sky, Reah, this is strong." Lendill took a sip from my cup.

"Yeah. Sit down," I said. "What do you want?"

"Is that any way to treat a mate you haven't seen in months?"

"You only show up when you want something," I said. "So what is it?"

"Bel has disappeared," Lendill swallowed more tea, grimaced and then swallowed more.

"Wizard Bel?" I hadn't seen Bel for years, yet I knew he still worked for the ASD.

"Yes. I sent him to investigate a problem on Surnath, and he vanished. We can't find him."

"What kind of problem?" I asked, sitting down with my freshly poured and spiked tea. I didn't even ask Teeg if he wanted any. I was still pissed at him.

"A worker in an electronics factory went crazy and killed twenty of his coworkers after getting his hands on a laser pistol somehow. And then, two weeks later, a secretary at a legal firm kills six people there. The governor of the Realm on Surnath asked us to investigate. We thought it was just a copy crime. Bel was in so he volunteered. Was there for three days before he came up missing."

"That's terrible," I said. "And you tried mindspeech and everything?"

"Yes. No answer. Bel isn't one to fall easily into a trap. So we're all concerned."

"Me, too," I nodded. I'd known Bel when I was a conscript in the Regular Alliance Army.

"Norian and I are willing to pay top credit if you'll work a special assignment on this."

Wizard Bel is missing, after investigating two crimes on Surnath. Reah agrees to work this special assignment for the ASD, and discovers that Bel's disappearance is linked to far deeper and much darker crimes. The criminals behind these crimes hold the survival of both Alliances in their grip and it is up to Reah to expose them before their final plans become a reality.

Happy reading, everybody!


  1. I'm so excited to get the Demon's Revenge. Thank you for for blurb.

  2. I'm really happy to see Bel is in this book, Im keeping my fingers crossed that he will be one of Reah's mates.I can't wait for it to come out. Thanks Connie.

  3. arggghhh. i want to kick lendill.

  4. This worries me a lot, unless this is several years after Demon's Quest I can't see Reah letting her twins safety be endangered, or abandoning them to do anything for Norian.

    Thank you for the blurb though, I am looking forward to the book.

    1. Leap forward about 25 turns--Reah's children are in no danger....

  5. cannt wait for the 12th hope Reah has had her babies wouldnt wont them in harms way thanks for the blurb xxxxxxxxxxx

    1. no worries--the first three pages of the book will explain much :)

  6. Reah does not forget or forgive easily if she is still pissed at Teeg 25 turns later!

    1. He most certainly does deserve it! He is his father's son alright. He reminds me of Gavin and the way he behaved towards Lissa in Blood Wager

  7. Is she still pregnant? Oh God...
    Can't wait I do so love your books

  8. That is the same thing I was thinking when I read she was drinking Bourbon...Maybe it don't affect thafilnilia (I tore the spelling of the word up)