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Friday, November 16, 2012

Name the Lissaverse--Time To Vote


Here is the final* list of suggestions made for the Lissaverse. Many thanks to those who've submitted their suggestions, and good luck!

*Please note that I received a last-minute submission yesterday, and one of the suggestions was a duplicate. I have given them until tomorrow to submit a replacement.

Now's the time to submit your votes. You can vote for up to three suggestions. You're allowed to vote for your own, but I hope you vote for someone else's, too, otherwise this could be a really short (and weird) giveaway. You have until December 1, 2012, to submit your votes. Just send them to me at

 If you've entered and don't see your suggestion on the following list, let me know by posting here or sending me an email. I'll make corrections post-haste J
Happy weekend, everybody!


Aequilibrium (archaic spelling of equilibrium, for forces balancing—light/dark)
Akasha (Sanskrit for ether)
Asgard (old Norse meaning "God's Courtyard)
Alliance Universe
Apeiros Agape (Greek—endless love)
Bal'LiD (bæl lie dee) balanced between light and dark
Bilanx Ibrium (Latin for "two-scaled" with a play on equilibrium)
Blood Queen Series
Blood Destiny Series
Blood Fated Universe
Bloodlines Universe
Connie's Regni (according to the submitter—"I believe that rebirth, reinvention is what happens in the mind of Connie and all her characters)
Darklight Universe
Deos Regnorum (Latin for "Gods Realms")
Dignum es Exspectata (Latin for the worthy are welcome)
Don-Averse (to honor Lissa's husband)
Eereenee (Greek for Peace)
Exisorropisi (ancient Greek, meaning Balance)
Eigriochta (Irish, meaning Infinity)
Fasces (Latin, from fascis, symbolizing summary power and jurisdiction, and/or strength through unity)
Fathach (Irish, meaning behemoth)
Galaxy of a Thousand Worlds
God Wars Universe
Go'el (Hebrew for Kinsman redeemer)
Go'el Haddam (Hebrew for avenger of blood)
Haggo'el (Hebrew for redeemer)
I Kardia (ancient Greek, meaning The Heart)
I Proti (ancient Greek, meaning The First)
Kanóna vampír (Greek for vampire rule)
Katana no Sekai (Worlds of the katana)
Kifirin's Cosmos
Kifirin Draxus
Korini Universe
La'Re'Qitzi (Forever Balanced/in equilibrium, in Neaborian)
Latent Universe (for hidden and things still unknown)
Leonus Ty*Cornia
Leonus Ty*Kornia
Lissa's Universe
Luxnox Universe (lux-Latin for light and nox-Latin for dark)
Marabilla (Gaelic: I believe (for wonder)
Me-NoW-RaH (from Hebrew, meaning a light giver)
Monokeros (Greek, meaning Unicorn)
Mor Ceartas (Scottish Gaelic: Mor-big, large, great, important/Ceartas: justice, equity)
Nijlpaard (Dutch, meaning behemoth)
Nox Mundus (Latin, meaning Night World, or Queen of the Night World)
Of Fate and Powers Universe
Of Legend Born Universe
Oogappel (Apple of Someone's Eye)
Ongeshonden (Dutch, meaning Whole)
Orion's Universe (for the 3 stars in Orion's belt, indicating the 3 Mighty)
Ouroboros (for the snake eating itself and the idea of cyclicality, the cycle begins as it ends)
Paradeesos (Greek for Haven)ki
Precaria (due to the delicate balance that must be kept)
Queen's Destiny
Queen Lissa Universe
Raksasa Bintang (Indonesian, meaning behemoth)
Realms of the Light and Dark
Renascentia Regni (means Rebirth Realm in Latin)
Renascentia Sortis (Latin: Renascentia-rebirth/Sortis-oracle, prophecy, destiny)
Saa Kayan (Hope and Love, in Neaborian)
Sanguine Universe (for Blood Universe)
Snaga-Makt (Snaga=Croatian for Power/Makt=Norwegian for Power—"Two Powers")
Shadow Universe
Shrivatsa (meaning endless knot, which can mean many things including having no beginning or end, mutual dependence, eternity, interplay of opposing forces, etc.)
Solas Agus Dorcha (Irish for "Light and Dark")
Subtle Demon Universe
The Cosmo
Tangled Web Universe
Tenebra Cael
The Battle of Lissa
The Dark Worlds
The Queen's Infinite Fates
The Ra'Ak War Cycle
The Vampire Ascension
The Veronis Cycle
The Verse of Le-Ath Veronis
The Legend (and/or Destiny) of Lissa
The Verse of Lissa
Ultima Universe
Umbra Natura
Veroniverse (for vampire universe)
Versai Omega
Zarathustra (from the first faith that enshrined the conception of "good vs evil.")

NOTE: Some folks were kind enough to include meanings with their suggestions. Many thanks!

Reminder: Here are the rules as originally submitted:
1.     Up to 3 suggestions will be accepted per person.
2.     The suggestion(s) must be emailed to me at
3.     If the same suggestion is made by more than one person, the one who submitted the suggestion first (as indicated by time/date on email) will be the one accepted. If your suggestion is voided by a previous submission, you may submit another suggestion, as long as it does not exceed the 3 per person rule.
4.     Deadlines will be enforced.
5.     Votes will only be accepted by email (, from list of suggestions posted on my blog after the submission deadline.
6.     Top ten choices will receive:
6-10 (as determined by number of votes) will receive a signed copy of Blood Wager or Bumble, your choice.
2-5 (as determined by number of votes) will receive a signed copy of Blood Wager or Bumble (your choice) and a signed poster print of the cover of your choice (has to be one of my books. Can't get you a copy of somebody else's cover. Sorry).
The Grand Suggester (as determined by me and my editor) will receive naming rights to the Lissaverse, plus a kindle Paperwhite, plus a signed poster of the cover of their choice and a signed copy of both Blood Wager and Bumble.

So, here's your chance to name the Lissaverse. Get those suggestions in, and I'll do my best to regularly list the suggestions made here on the blog, so you'll know what's already been submitted. Be creative. Have fun. Good Luck!

Please note: by submitting a suggestion, you agree to release rights to the name selected should it be chosen, and no further compensation will be made, now or in the future.

This is my first giveaway. If all goes well and everybody plays fair, there may be others in the future.


  1. 1) Is the list complete now?
    2) Anyone can vote correct (not just those that submitted suggestions)?

    Thanks =)

    1. The List is now complete, and yes--anyone is eligible to vote!
      Happy weekend :)

  2. And so on early on this December morn the voting draws to a close ... stay tuned though for the exciting conclusion ... and the new name for the Lissaverse!!!

    Okay, I think that one was more ham than prose ... sorry.

    I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you, Connie!", for the contest, for the books, and for the time you spend with us, your fans. It is appreciated.