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Author Connie Suttle:
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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I just changed the title of the second High Demon book. It is now "Demon Revealed" instead of "Golden Demon". This fits the book better and aligns better with the series. The titles of the High Demon series (in order) are:
Demon Lost
Demon Revealed
Demon's King
Demon's Quest
Demon's Revenge
Demon's Dream
The release date for Demon Lost (High Demon #1) is October 15th. If all goes well, Demon Revealed will arrive November 15th, and (hopefully) Destroyer (Legend #5) will be released December 15th!
The reason I say hopefully on Destroyer is that it has less than 20,000 words written so far, so I will be hauling a$$ to finish it by the deadline. 

I haven't worked out the schedule for next year yet; I will likely sit down with Joe (my editor) soon, and hammer something out. The last four books in the High Demon series will be released, but I would also like to finish a few others. What is in the pipeline, in various stages of completion is:

Blood Double (35,000 words)
Blood Trouble (outline)
Hope and Vengeance (8,000 words) This is a rewrite of an already completed work.
Chain--a Conner Francis Mystery (2500 words)
Finder (44,000 words)

The seeds for Blood Double and Blood Trouble are sown in Blood Reunion. There may be another book, too, Blood Resolution, but that one is still in the idea stage.

Happy Wednesday, everybody :D


  1. You are one busy lady. I hope you're enjoying the writing. Please, please, don't burn out. I don't know what I'd do without my Connie fix!! Happy Wednesday

  2. OMG, it took me forever to post the above comment. Trying to prove I wasn't a robot was pretty hard. LOL

    1. Hi, Dolly! I will be editing Demon Lost and Demon Revealed at the same time, so they can be released at the proper times, leaving me with a couple of months to write on Destroyer. I may have to place myself in solitary to get that done :)

  3. Gads!! Talk about an ambitious schedule ... Good luck and may the muse be with you!

  4. Poor Joe! I hope he's keeping up with you and has his schedule cleared for the next few months.

  5. I'm keeping up pretty well so far! And when Connie says she may have to go into solitary confinement, that usually means seclusion at a beach somewhere, and (for better or worse) I'm usually close by. Close enough she can slap me with a shrimp tail if I get too behind in the proofreading, LOL!

  6. Connie, be careful you do not crash and burn from such a tight schedule. Not likely to happen since you enjoy writing so much. (LOL)

    1. Besides releasing the High Demon books (those are already written, they just need revisions/editing), my hope is to finish Hope and Vengeance, Blood Double and Chain next year. I'll be happy if that happens, and anything else that happens to get done will just be frosting on the cake :)

      Hope all is well with you today--Happy Thursday!